Interview With Me About Groucho For “Closer Weekly” Magazine (7/14/23)

A young woman with the unlikely (but legitimate) name of Amanda Champagne-Meadows attended my TCM Festival event and recently interviewed me about Groucho for CLOSER WEEKLY, a British pop-culture magazine similar to PEOPLE, but aimed at older readers with an emphasis on legendary stars of the past.

As is often the case, the interview lasted over an hour, from which these scant paragraphs were gleaned. I had nothing to do with what did or didn’t make it into the piece. But – they spelled my name right, didn’t misquote me, and mentioned my book, so no complaints.

She wants to do a follow-up piece about the movie when things are moving in a more forwardly direction.

Complete Video Of My TCM Film Festival Panel Event (4/15/23)

Here is the complete, one-hour video of “Assisting the Classics” – a panel event in which I participated as part of TCM’s Classic Film Festival at the Hollywood Roosevelt in April of 2023. The moderator is TCM host Alicia Malone and the other two panelists discuss their experiences working for George Cukor and Stiller & Meara. I discuss getting the job with Groucho, some of the luminaries I encountered, dealing with Erin Fleming, dating the same girl as Zeppo, the upside and downside of getting close to my hero in his final years, and the book/film of RAISED EYEBROWS: MY YEARS INSIDE GROUCHO’S HOUSE.

Steve Stoliar Appears At TCM’s 2023 Classic Film Festival!

I had the pleasure of being invited to participate in a panel entitled “ASSISTING THE CLASSICS” at TCM’s Classic Film Festival in Hollywood on April 15, 2023! TCM’s Alicia Malone was the host and the other two panelists had worked for Stiller & Meara and George Cukor. As each person told a story, the projected overhead image changed to suit the teller; in my case it was the cover of “RAISED EYEBROWS.” Here’s a brief clip from that most-enjoyable event:

I Am Now Available For Commercials & Voice-Overs!

While waiting for the rest of the ducks (whyaduck?) to line up for the film version of RAISED EYEBROWS, I have been accepted for representation in commercials and voice-overs by Commercial Talent Agency in Studio City. (I’m also available for film and TV, but they don’t represent me for those….) Here are the three images they selected for inclusion on the main casting websites.