RAISED EYEBROWS Audiobook To Be Issued On CD!!!

For those of you who have wished the RAISED EYEBROWS audiobook were available on CD rather than only as a digital download, there’s good news! At long last, Blackstone Audio is issuing RAISED EYEBROWS: MY YEARS INSIDE GROUCHO’S HOUSE in the CD format and it’s available for preorder on Amazon. To recap: It’s over eleven hours of the author, Steve Stoliar, reading the entire book and also doing all the voices contained therein. If you heard Steve on Gilbert Gottfried’s Amazing Colossal Podcast, then you’ve heard some of his voices before. (And if you’re hearing voices as a rule, you should probably consult a psychiatrist.) Because various Spring catalogues and newsletters have already been set, it’s targeted for a Summer release, so the official availability date is June 14. Nevertheless, here’s the Amazon link. Thanks for listening – in more ways than one.



Here is my appearance on Gilbert Gottfried’s Amazing Colossal Podcast! It’s an hour and twenty-five minutes of rollicking good fun!

I’m on the show ostensibly to talk about RAISED EYEBROWS – the book and the upcoming film – and I do get to tell more than a few stories about my Groucho days, but I also do impressions (including duelling Old Grouchos with Gilbert). We also get into areas that some will doubtless find “of questionable taste.” Too bad. I had a blast.

It’s free and doesn’t require subscriptions or downloading of any software: Just click and play.




Terry Motley (of Motley P.R.) just produced this nifty promo touting my REMEMBERING GROUCHO one-man show (and yes, that’s my voice in the video). Hopefully, it will lead to being booked at various colleges, clubs, companies, organizations, theatres, etc. hither and yon, so that I can share my Groucho stories and previously unseen home video of Groucho and me with people who will appreciate it.

New Interview About RAISED EYEBROWS – The Book & The Movie!

I recently had the pleasure of appearing on Chicago’s “Dave & Dave” radio show, along with hosts Dave Weiser and Dave Niven (hence the name). Although they don’t archive their broadcasts once they’ve aired, they were fool…er…kind enough to share the file with me so’s I can share the show with you kindly-type folks. So here I am, yammering on about working for Groucho, writing RAISED EYEBROWS, how Rob Zombie and I got together, and hypothesizing about the upcoming filmic version of said memoir.


Hollywood Reporter Publishes My Piece On The Rob Zombie Film!

For those who may be wondering how I crossed paths with the likes of Rob Zombie and ended up handing over the reins to my very personal story, I have penned this essay, which just appeared in the online edition of The Hollywood Reporter. I originally entitled it I Walked (And Talked) With A Zombie, but the editor explained that they had to go with a title whose key words would trigger the randomly generated algorithms or self-hating logarithms or some sort of newfangled whatchamacallits. At any rate, it’s a fuller explanation of how the RAISED EYEBROWS movie project came to be and why this may not be as outrageous an idea as it might seem.